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Government actions increasingly affect companies involved in the global trade of goods. Whether governments are negotiating trade agreements, or revising national laws and regulations, your business will be affected by an evolving business environment filled with rules, procedures, and exceptions.

The flow of goods throughout international trade channels is our expertise and we regularly advise on a variety of trade matters with a keen eye for detail geared towards staying privy to and adapting to these evolving laws, regulations, and exceptions. Regardless of whether your trade matter originated inside or outside the United States, we will find solutions, and deliver relief for your business.

We have experience in interacting with a multitude of United States government agencies, such as United States Customs and Border Protection, Transportation Security Administration, Food and Drug Administration, and Fish and Wildlife Service., along with many more federal agencies that can impact your business and the flow of your goods. We are here to assist clients in ensuring the correct procedures are in place and to ensure compliance with evolving regulations administered by these government agencies.

We also want your business to have an advantage in the interconnected world of international trade, so, we also strive to deliver tariff and tax reductions in import and export markets, establish bonded facilities and free trade zones to provide your business with flexibility, and protest United States Customs and Border Protection decisions.